Big Shack’s Breaky-$24

eggs your way, bacon, potato hash, sausage, tomato & mushroom.


The Big Vegan-$24

candied sweet potato, tofu scram, grilled asparagus, tomato & mushroom.


Mushroom Breaky-$24

sauteed mushroom mix, roasted pumpkin, poached eggs, rocket, garlic crumbs & truffle oil.


Paleo Breaky-$24

pumpkin & quinoa rosti, bacon slab, poached eggs, avocado & tomato.


Pork Hash Breaky-$22

pulled pork, sauteed potato, capsicum, onion, fried egg & herb hollandaise.


Avo Feta-$22

toast topped with smashed avo, herb and lemon feta, grape tomato, poached egg & pine nuts


Breakfast Catch-$19

smoked salmon, kale, poached eggs, radish, tomato’s & herb hollandaise.


Egg’s Benedict-$18

toasted roll, poached eggs choice of bacon, smoked salmon or buttered greens topped with hollandaise sauce. | GF


Egg’s On Toast-$14

your choice - scrambled | poached | fried | tofu scram --- served on toast {create your own and add sides}



sourdough | multi-seed | buckwheat & sorghum | fruit | GF Option $9  ---all served with preserves.


Sweet Toast-$10

banana bread, coconut bread. Served with preserves. | GF



fresh fruits and yoghurt. | V, GF


Porridge -$15

spiced creamy oats, glazed pear, toasted almonds, maple & blueberries GF Available


Sides         baked beans | tomatoes | hash brown | egg  $2

hollandaise-sauce | mushrooms | wilted greens $3

avocado | asparagus $4

smoked salmon | bacon | chorizo $5



Kids Breakfast


Kids Breaky-$10

bacon, beans, egg- scrambled, poached or fried on toast.


Kids Pancakes-$10

pancakes, ice cream & maple syrup.


Kids Toastie-$7

ham and cheese toastie


Egg On Toast-$7

scrambled, poached or fried egg on toast





  1. Nutella & Vanilla Cream. $12
  2. Banana, Peanut Butter Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce. $16
  3. Poached Pear, Iced Coconut cream, Salted Caramel & Pecan’s. $16

GF Available



  1. Nutella sauce & Vanilla Cream. $12
  2. Banana, Nutella sauce & Hazelnuts. $16
  3. Cultured butter, crispy Bacon & Maple. $14
  4. Maple, Lemon & Cream.  $11

GF Available



Smoothie Bowls-$15

Acai Bowl

acai, blue, strawberry, banana & coconut milk blend

topped with coconut granola and fruit’s


Nourish Bowl

avocado, spinach, kale, kiwi, banana & coconut milk blend

topped with rice puffs, pomegranate, seed’s, and nuts


Pitaya Bowl

dragon fruit, raspberry, strawberry, banana & coconut milk blend

topped with toasted muesli and fruit’s



Lunch ~DinnerMenu


marinated mixed olives served with garlic parmesan bread.



tomato, mozzarella, basil & garlic bruschetta, prosciutto, rocket & balsamic.


SHACK Platter [for 2]- $26

grilled chorizo, mixed olives, prosciutto, danish feta, semi sundried tomatoes, anchovies, rocket and balsamic salad served with garlic parmesan bread.


GREEK Salad- $20

oregano marinated greek feta, vine tomato, red onion, cucumber, capsicum, kalamata olives, toasted almonds, red wine vinaigrette & crisp pitta bread.


TUNA Poke- $22

seared sesame tuna, brown rice, edamame, cucumber, avocado, kale, carrot, spiced seaweed, pickled ginger & horseradish sauce



roasted chicken, bacon, cos lettuce, garlic croton’s & anchovies.


MACRO Bowl- $20

sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice, beetroot, avocado, tomato, chickpea, broccoli & tahini dressing



BURGERs                                                                    All served with chips


AUSSIE Burger- $19.5

beef pattie, bacon, beetroot, cheese, fried egg, salad & sweet potato chips.


HALOUMI Burger- $18.5

grilled haloumi, garlic mushroom, fresh tomato, onion, spinach, tomato relish & basil aioli.


CHICKEN Burger- $18.5

harissa spiced chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, onion, spinach & cashew sauce.


GRILLED Reuben- $18.5

roasted corn beef, sauerkraut, grilled tomato, cheese, gherkin’s, mustard & russian dressing


LAMB Shank- $25

slow cooked honey roasted lamb shank, buttery champ mash, steamed green, caramelised root vegetables, fresh mint & red wine sauce.

SEARED Salmon- $25

salmon, roasted pumpkin, asparagus, hazelnut & capsicum salsa


CREAMY Pappardelle- $25

fresh pappardelle pasta, sauteed chicken, mushroom, bacon, white wine and tarragon cream sauce, pecorino shavings.


GNOCCHI Trio- $25

fresh pumpkin spinach and potato gnocchi, grilled asparagus & artichoke, kale and smoked tomato cooked in garlic butter, garnished with fresh basil & pecorino


TEMPURA Fish- $19

crispy seasonal fish, salad, chip’s & tartar sauce.



crispy tofu, mushroom, carrot, green beans, sweet potato, zucchini, capsicum & tentsuyu sauce.


SEAFOOD Plater [For 2]- $60

tempura spanish mackerel, salmon, seared sesame tuna, squid, shark bay prawns, hazelnut capsicum salsa, salad, dips & chips.



chicken | smoked salmon | corned beef



Chips potato chips GF                      Sml $4                Lrg $7


SWEET POTATO Chips herb salt & dip $11

DIPS- $1.50

lemon aioli | sweet chilly | smokey bbq | sour cream | chipotle | cashew cream



Cheese Burger- $10

Chicken Nuggets-   $10 

Tempura Fish- $10

Ham and Cheese Toastie- $10

served with chips OR salad


Spaghetti Bolognaise-   $10 

Fruit Platter- $6

Juice Upgrade- $3

upgrade any kid’s meal – with a Nudie Juice box drink.